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The "Educational Seminars in Percussion" program (E.S.P.) was designed to support the music director at the local middle and high school level by motivating students to further their music and percussive studies.

The educational and artistic content focuses on everything from rudimental drumming, classical/concert band drumming to drum set performance. Jeff will discusses stick holding, warm-up exercises, time keeping, practicing with a metronome, dynamics, listening skills, chart reading, various styles, working with other musicians, careers in music, practicing tips for all instrument players, product knowledge and much, much more. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers. All music student will benefit from this event.

The students will be given handouts and they will have an opportunity for some "hands on" experience. We’ll also be giving away many free promotional items including : literature from Vic Firth drum sticks, Sabian cymbals. The approximate length of the event is one hour, but this can be personalized to meet the school’s needs.

The E.S.P. program has been around for the past 15 years and has a total of 12 members throughout North America. Jeff Salem has been with the program from day one and has performed over 500 of these events in over 30 countries around the world, both in schools and music stores (see photos below).

Topics and comments from other Music Directors on the results of their events.


Here is a list of many topics that can be discussed throughout the event. I usually pick specific areas that myself and the music teacher feel will best suit the students. Choose any of the subjects you wish to cover.


1. Technique (various grips) 14. Tuning & Maintenance of your Instrument
2. Warmup Exercises
15. Polyrhythms & Polymetres
3. Rudimental Drumming
16. Product Knowledge
4. Classical & Concert Band Drumming
17. Odd Time Signatures
5. Stage Band Drumming
18. Chart Reading and Tips on Sight Reading
6. Various Musical Styles
19. Mallet technique
7. Practicing & Motivational Tips
20. Timekeeping .
8. Listening Tips
21. Dynamics
9. Working with other Musicians
22. Cymbal technique
10. The Music Business
23. Hand Percussion workshops including Drum Circles (see photos below)
11. Different Careers in Music
24.Touring experiences
12. History of the Drumset
25. Recording CD's (studio experience)
13. Business Skills (networking, attitude, & education)
26. Student participation with a variety of percussion instruments (see photos below)

Not only the percussionist can benefit from this program. All the music and band students will be able to relate as well as gain a great deal of knowledge, ideas and information to help their music studies.


"Thorough in technique, demonstration info (performance, business) Jeff is thoroughly delightful in front of our students. He is informative and entertaining in every aspect. Students enjoy asking questions and having the chance to "try out" percussion instruments in various styles"

Lauren McCabe - Bramalea Secondary School

"Jeff is a super musician and a personable educator. He was great with the kids, we all learned lots. We appreciate your support! Thanks!"

Oliver Din, Music Director - Turner Fenton Campus

"Excellent production and presentation. The students really enjoyed themselves. Some, I know will be inspired to play drums after this clinic, myself included. Thanks, Jeff."

Ken Harris, Music Director - North Peel Secondary School

"Excellent! Jeff is not only a superb musician but an excellent educator and clinician. Looking forward to having Jeff Salem back next year."

Charles Di Raimondo, Music Director - Gordon Graydon Senior Public

"Fabulous instructor : Excellent teaching techniques and warm rapport with the students. He shared his passion and love for music"

Anthony Kershaw, Music Director - W.G. Davis Sr. P. School

"Highly motivational, excellent communicator in reaching out to all the students. Jeff is an excellent musician who demonstrated a myriad of reasons for striving for high standards, not in just music but anything you want to do with your life."

Susan Barber, Music Director - The Woodlands School